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Welcome to McGregor Hardwood

McGregor Hardwood is a long established business located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is located in the docks area of the city and its central location makes it easy for our express delivery service throughout the city and country. Established in 1879 and everpresent and operational since. It has supplied timber to the ill fated Titanic and many of the finer business’ throughout the city of Belfast.

Special Offers on Door, Floor and Skirting.

special offers at McGregor's Hardwood

Ashtree Primed Range

Hardwood Timbers.

Located on the prominent Sydenham Road thoroughfare this well known site stocks a large range of kiln dried timbers such as Ash, Alder, Cedar, Eastern white pine, Emery, European beech, Honduras Pitch Pine, Iroko, Maple, Oregon Pine, Popular, Pippy Oak, Character Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Redwood, Sapele, Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar and Walnut. Our extensive product range is sourced from the world's finest timber resources, so whether you are looking for a solid wooden floor or and bespoke staircase engineered to your specific requirements McGregor Hardwood have the answer.

Natural Wood Flooring.

A natural wood floor in any room or hallway gives a stunning effect which is both durable and timeless. Nowdays wooden flooring solutions are simple to lay, easy to maintain, dustfree and capable of absorbing the abuse of the day to day foot traffic. In addition to flooring products McGregor Hardwood can also supply wooden doors, staircases and many other products for the home or office environment.

Ashtree Range.

McGregor Hardwood, also stock a new high quality engineered solid oak collection referred to as the “ Ashtree Range”. Modern technology combined with value for money ensure that these engineered products are extremely popular within the industry.